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Interdisciplinary Scholar
Media, Art, & Text, PhD
BA Religious Studies, BA Music Studies, MM Flute Performance, Gender Studies Certificate

My innovative work draws from the fields of musicology and ethnomusicology, feminist/queer theory and women's studies, religious studies, and sound studies.


Authentic Connection

This publication provides a clear synopsis of my scholarly work.


Saidel, D. J. A Pathway to Well-being: Transcending a Compensatory History of Women in Music. In K. S. Hendricks & J. Boyce-Tillman (Eds.), Authentic connection: Music, spirituality, and wellbeing. Peter Lang. 2021.


This volume focuses on the ways in which mutual musical engagement might play a role in creating healthful, life-giving experiences. Scholarly chapters and reflective interludes illustrate how people use music to forge authentic spiritual and emotional connections with others, including in times of physical isolation and political unrest.

Chapters and interludes address topics such as relationship building, community, wellbeing, therapy, education, and ecology. Each describes various ways in which individuals connect authentically with themselves, others, the music they make, and the physical and spiritual world around them.

Many authors address current global crises including the COVID-19 pandemic, racism, nationalism, environmental injustice, and associated climate catastrophes. Authors articulate various qualities of authentic human connections, and discuss various ways in which music might be poised to facilitate emotional and spiritual connections in some of the most challenging and physically isolating times.

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