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It's High Time for a Re-conceptualization of the History of Women in Music

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

From IAWM conference presentation June 2022

Holistic storytelling is the practice of mindfully crafting narratives with the intention to nurture a sense of wellness within the community. I believe that this is an approach that women in music can utilize to great effect.

Generally speaking, there is a burgeoning awareness of the healing properties of sound, of being curious about one's sonic way of knowing and being in the world. Sound holds great power because it is detachable: it crosses generational, social, and cosmological boundaries, which fosters the potential for creating unlimited connections, creating different communities.

When women identify as sonic practitioners within a worldview that allows seeing the past, present, and future as interrelated modes, I expect unprecedented conversations about women in music to emerge. This manner of thinking provides a way to loosen the confining grip of academic authority- to inspire women to be open to alternative definitions, identities, to pushing new agendas, and perhaps, to ignoring some expected norms and generating substantial support for doing so. Women can then truly own their stories, claim what matters to them, and more authentically express themselves.


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