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Deborah J. Saidel, PhD


Thinking of music as a type of spiritual knowledge or wisdom, cultivating reverence for sound itself, and finding out how that might transform one's musicality is a life-long goal. My work is focused on promoting wellbeing in the world through music-making, mentorship, and feminist musicological scholarship.


Girls and women need an accessible tradition which they can adhere to and which they can use as a starting point for an alternative or personal shape of their lives…..The new stories that women tell each other are the beginning of this badly needed tradition.
— Ien Dienske, 1984
I studied flute and saxophone with Dr. Saidel for nearly 8 years. Dr. Saidel’s knowledge of both technique and musicality allowed me to excel as a player and musician overall (and have a blast while doing so!). Dr. Saidel’s is a holistic approach informed by many years of performance experience and academic exploration. Repertoire and advice to which Dr. Saidel exposed me as a student stay with me to this day.
— S.C.